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90th Anniversary of CPC

Communist Party of China has been leading the country and people to one victory after another.


With the coming of 90th anniversary of the Party's founding, this special video collection is made for you to better understand the CPC.

The Founding of A Party

"The Founding of a Party" joins other movies to salute the Chinese Communist Party's 90th anniversary.

Star journalist leaves legacy

Li Xing, China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief and veteran columnist, died of a cerebral hemorrhage on Aug 7 in Washington DC, US. She was 54.

Red culture in China

Not only bringing peace and better life to Chinese people,the Communist Party of China also creats the red culture during the past 90 years.

Sino-EU Party Forum

The three-day forum focused on a blueprint for development for the next five to 10 years which China and Europe will share.

The “Tibet miracle”

After just 60 years, Tibet, the ancient snow-covered plateau, has seen remarkable changes, writing a world wonder of a legend.

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