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China still attractive to FDI


Statistics show that China has managed to absorb a comparatively large scale of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first three quarters of this year, despite the turbulent global economic situation.

Financial system needs to serve SMEs


With the current regimen of credit austerity making conditions for SMEs worse, the financial sector is now affecting the country's economic dynamism. Why can't China's SMEs rely on the formal financial sector to finance their daily operations?

Persistence required for polio eradication


Today is World Polio Day. Perhaps you wonder: Why is this disease so important that it deserves a special day to attract everybody's attention?

An image to impress


Nation branding is an increasingly important and influential field of theory and practice which attempts to measure a country's reputation and provide guidance on a country's image management around the world.

2011: A space odyssey fit for two


What on earth are the real obstacles that prevent Europe and China from extending their cooperation into space? To be frank, I think the main reason for Europe's hesitation is suspicion from the US.

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