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Misinformation persists over China's aircraft carrier


As China's first refitted aircraft carrier sets sail, China and the rest of the world are abuzz with all kinds of information about China's construction of an aircraft carrier.

China's public diplomacy


Public diplomacy – commonly defined as communication with foreign publics – has been recognized as an effective means of promoting a country's soft power.

The Communist Party of China at 90


In the spring of 1921 the Communist Party of China was just an idea in the minds of a handful of revolutionaries led by Chen Duxiu.

Understanding the CPC's role


The Communist Party of China (CPC) does not convey the tangible spirituality that gongchandang (CPC in Chinese) does, especially because the word "communist" has very different meanings for people in the West and China.

Safeguarding environment a priority


China continues to face mounting pressure to curb environmental degradation, despite progress in reducing pollution over the last five years, the environmental protection minister warned.