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Chinese vice president leaves for visits to Vietnam, Thailand


Vice President Xi Jinping left Beijing on Tuesday for official visits to Vietnam and Thailand

'China offers vital alternative to West'


"China is not perfect", but it is an alternative to a world dominated by the West, said US filmmaker Andre Vltchek.

Former Australian PM hails China's growth


Bob Hawke, former Australian Prime Minister, has said China's achievement and peaceful rise contribute greatly to the world's progress and prosperity.

Belarusian deputy PM says Wu's visit to enhance ties


Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo's scheduled visit to Belarus from Sept. 17 to 20 is widely expected to enhance bilateral ties, Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Tozik has said.

Time is right to strengthen China-Japan ties


The Japanese ambassador to China said the people of China and Japan should not get entangled in the past if they want to forge stronger relations.

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