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Central China province to research officials' assests declarations


Disciplinary authorities in central Hubei Province have set up a work team to research an assets declaration program for government officials, local officials said Friday.

Canada links future development with China


Deepening its strategic partnership with China will help Canada recover from recession, Foreign Minister John Baird told Xinhua in a recent interview.

My Red American family


In the 1940s, two young Americans - a physicist and a cowboy - came to China. They fell in love with each other and also with the country, both throwing themselves into the campaign of building a new China. Their son, Yang Heping, who was born and brought up in China, sits down with China Daily to share the most extraordinary stories of his family and all the excitement and confusion they felt as witnesses to China's growth.

Ties with China knitting well


Before the newly elected NSW premier leads a business delegation to China in the coming weeks, former NSW Premier Bob Carr said in an interview with Xinhua that the state's ties with China are knitting well in many areas.

Sound Bite: How people see Hu's speech


Hu's speech has read the pulse of the people for culture, lifestyle and discipline.

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