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Xi urges fostering common identity of ethnic groups in Tibet


Updated: 2011-07-20 09:25:29

LHASA -- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping on Tuesday stressed the need to foster a sense of common identity of all ethnic groups in Tibet for the region's future development.

"To carry forward the advanced socialist culture is an integral part of the process of fostering the sense of common identity of all ethnic groups in Tibet," Xi said as he addressed a rally in Lhasa celebrating the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet.

"We will rally the people around the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics," he added.

"We will inspire cadres and people in the region with a patriotic national spirit, with the spirit of our times focusing on reform and innovation and the spirit of 'older-generation of Tibet' featuring dedication and hard work," Xi said.

"We will guide social ethos with the socialist maxims of honor and disgrace, so that the system of socialist core values will be driven home and pursued by the people in the region of their own accord," he said.

He urged that fine traditions of Tibetan culture should be built on and developed, following the principle of inheriting through preservation and developing through innovation, in an effort to continue to promote cultural progress in Tibet.

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