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Amending China's Criminal Procedure

China's top legislature started to read the draft amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law on Wednesday, Aug 24 at its bimonthly session scheduled from Aug 24 to 26, 2011.

Girls and moms want share of husband's wedding house

Guess who are the biggest public enemies of young Chinese women these days. Some will say it's those molesters on crowded Metro trains and buses.

New marriage explanation draws heated debate

The Supreme People's Court's new interpretation of the Marriage Act makes a clearer demarcation of spouses' property, but it has also sent the whole nation into a whirlpool of debate about an ominous result of freer breakup of families.

Top legislature scrutinizes government expenses budget to curb corruption

China has put central government expenses on officials' overseas trips, vehicle purchases and receptions under the top legislature's special review for the first time in a move to curb extravagant public spending.

Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture (White Paper)

The Information Office of the State Council published a white paper on protection and development of Tibetan culture on Sept.25th, 2008.