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West's criticism of China operations in Africa unwarranted

Zanu-PF Director for Administration Dickson Dzora pointed out that the western media had embarked on a sustained onslaught of the Chinese because the West viewed China as a big threat to its entrenched economic interests in Africa.

A promising growth engine

Should the US drop its Cold War mentality over the export of high-tech products, as many other global trade powers already have, it would be very likely that the world's largest economy would enjoy a growing share of the world's fast-growing major import market.

Planting the seeds of hope

It is absurd for some countries to try and blame China for the famine in the Horn of Africa. In fact, agricultural cooperation between China and Africa is making an important contribution to African food security.

Building the Sino-U.S. bridge

The world watched wide-eyed to see if the meeting, convened in Washington, D.C. on May 9-10, could usher in a new wave of healthy and stable development in Sino-U.S. relations.

China, US should boost world's confidence

Biden's visit to China comes amid a generally stable development momentum in China-U.S. relations.

What can China expect from Ambassador Locke?

As ambassador to China, Gary Locke will fight harder for the US national interests. He will be tougher and more aggressive than some of his predecessors. The Chinese government should be prepared to deal with an ambassador with a Chinese face, which can be very deceptive.

Foreign Affairs

Chinapursues an independent foreign policy of peace, safeguardChina’s interests in terms of sovereignty, security and development, and uphold its foreign policy purposes of maintaining world peace and promoting common development.