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A spotlight on China's political reform

As China rapidly became one of the world's dominant economic powerhouses, its economic reform has long been most visible to the eyes of the world. For many, this overshadowed other progresses the country has made over the years – most significantly the various reforms and development of its political system from a fundamental level.

Microblogs enhance public supervision of govt

The Internet has superseded television as the most popular means for the airing of discontent, with microblogs leading the charge.

Fighting corruption vital task

General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao stressed in his speech at the CPC's anniversary gathering that the CPC must follow the principle of fighting corruption in a comprehensive way, says an article on

China accomplishes targets in human rights action plan

China has accomplished various goals set by the National Human Rights Action Plan (2009-2010), which demonstrates that the country's human rights record and its people's livelihoods have improved, a senior official said.

Winning young people crucial to CPC's future

The People's Daily, flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), ran a commentary on Monday, stressing the importance of attracting the young generations to the Party.

China sticks to people-oriented diplomacy

As the unrest in the strategically important regions of West Asia and North Africa continues, the foreign policies of major world powers in the region are drawing worldwide attention.

32,000 non-Communists work in government bodies

About 32,000 Chinese people who are not members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are working in government agencies above the county level by the end of 2010, an official said on Wednesday.

Celebrate Party democracy

The development of intra-Party democracy epitomizes the road the CPC has taken over the past 90 years, from a fledgling political entity to the world's largest ruling political force.

Blacklisting journalists not allowed

China's press watchdog said on Monday no organizations or individuals are allowed to block reporters from doing their jobs or blacklist them.

A school that shapes China's future

70 journalists visited the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,which is seen as a secretive organization for a long time.

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