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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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June 30, 1947: The strategic offensive of the People's Liberation Army begins >>more

June 29, 1950: "The Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China" >>more

June 28—29, 2000: The Central Ideological and Political Work Conference is held >>more

June 27—29, 1981: The Sixth Plenary Session of the 11th CPC is held >>more

June 26—Aug 14, 1949: A CPC delegation headed by Liu Shaoqi visits the Soviet Union >>more

June 25, 1950: Civil war breaks out in North Korea >>more

June 24—27, 2006: A military training meeting is held >>more

June 23, 1946: "Xiaguan tragedy" occurs >>more

June 22, 1929: The Seventh Congress of the CPC Fourth Red Army is held >>more

June 21, 1992: Li Xiannian dies in Beijing at the age of 83 >>more

June 20, 1952: The Jingjiang River flood diversion project is completed >>more

June 19, 1925: The Guangdong—Hong Kong Strike breaks out >>more

June 18—July 11,1928: The Sixth National Congress of the CPC is held in Moscow >>more

June 17, 1967: China's first hydrogen bomb is successfully detonated >>more

June 16, 1992:"Decision to Accelerate the Development of the Tertiary Industry" >>more

June 15,1922:"CPC Proposition on Current Situation" >>more

June 13, 1999: Decision on Deepening Education Reform to Promote Quality Education >>more

June 12—20, 1923: The Third National Congress of the CPC is held in Guangzhou >>more

June 11—15, 1990: The National United Front Work Conference is held in Beijing >>more

June 10,1973:Solving problems for educated youth who work in the countryside >>more

June 14—Aug 23, 1953: The National Financial Work Conference is held >>more

June 9, 1944: A Northwest China tour group arrives in Yan'an >>more

June 8,1957: "Instruction on Organizing Forces to Counter the Rightists' Offense" >>more

June 7, 2005: "China's Position Paper on United Union's Reform" >>more

June 6—9, 1950: The Third Plenary Session of the Seventh CPC Central Committee is held in Beijing >>more

June 5, 1944: The CPC Central Committee issues "Instructions on City Work" >>more

June 4, 1925: "Bloodshed Daily" is published >>more

June 3, 1958:"Regulations for the Agricultural Tax of the People's Republic of China" >>more

June 2, 1949: The People's Liberation Army captures Chongming Island >>more

June 1,1936: The University of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Red Army is founded >>more