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The 17th National Congress

Date: October 15-21, 2007 Venue: Beijing

The 16th National Congress

Date: November 8-14, 2002  Venue: Beijing

The 15th National Congress

Date: September 12-18, 1997  Venue: Beijing

The 14th National Congress

Date: October 12-18, 1992  Venue: Beijing

The 13th National Congress

Date: October 25-November 1, 1987  Venue: Beijing

The 12th National Congress

Date: September 1-11, 1982  Venue: Beijing

The 11th National Congress

Date: August 12-18, 1977  Venue: Beijing

The 10th National Congress

The congress was held after the Lin Biao counter-revolutionary clique was smashed. The delegates to the meeting indignantly denounced the crimes of the Lin Biao counter-revolutionary clique and unanimously supported the sanctions and all other measures adopted by the Party Central Committee against the clique.

The 9th National Congress

The congress was held in unusual circumstances because the CPC had suffered a lot during the "cultural revolution", the Party committees of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and various grass-roots Party organizations had not been restored or established and the majority part of the Party members had not returned to regular Party activities.

The 8th National Congress

This is the first CPC national congress since the Party came into power in 1949. It was held at a time when socialist transformation in China had been in the main accomplished and the Party was faced with new situations and new tasks.

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