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President Hu joins Taiwan youth for cultural exchange activities

President Hu Jintao joined a gathering of young people from across the Taiwan Strait in Beijing's Great Hall of the People on Tuesday.

Hong Kong: Fifty years no change

Hong Kong is living proof that "one country two systems" has worked. It has also lived up to the promise that it will keep dancing, keep going to the races and keep the stock market alive. Pauline D Loh looks back on the last 14 years.

Touch of individuality for visitors to Taiwan

When Shanghai Airlines flight FM 801 lands on Tuesday morning at Taipei Songshan Airport, some of its passengers will be the first mainland tourists to fly directly, on individual travel arrangements, to Taiwan.

Taiwan individual travel date confirmed

On June 28 the Chinese mainland and Taiwan will launch a pilot travel program that will allow mainland travelers to visit Taiwan individually.

'Mainland tourists can visit Taiwan at their will'

Tourists from selected cities on the Chinese mainland will be able to travel across the Taiwan Straits as individual tourists by the end of June, said a senior mainland negotiator on Wednesday.

One Country, Two Systems

"We are pursuing a policy of one country, two systems," late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping told the world 20 years ago.

On the Way of Unification

China has resumed the sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macao in 1997 and 1999. The relationship between mainland and Taiwan has improved a lot during recent years.

Top political advisor meets with Taiwan finance delegation

A top political advisor called for closer financial ties between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan while meeting with Fredrick Chien, the head of a Taiwan finance delegation on Thursday.