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Disabled Persons' Federation publishes budget

The China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) published its 2011 budget for government-funded overseas trips, vehicles and receptions on Wednesday.

Significant step toward harmonious society

Wang Naikun, a senior official from the China Disabled Persons Federation, and Assistant Foreign Minister, Wu Hailong, delivered speeches at the "Assessment Meeting of the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)" in Beijing on Tuesday. Following are excerpts.

China's old-age subsidies benefits 8 mln people

Chinese Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo said Monday the country's old-age subsidies system has expanded to 14 provincial-level regions, benefitting 8 million citizens aged above 80.

Relocation reform to benefit homeowners

The government can only ask Beijing residents, whose houses are designated to be demolished, to move out after paying them satisfactory compensation, according to a notice issued on Saturday by the Beijing municipal government.

Income tax threshold in surprise increase

The monthly personal income tax threshold will be raised to 3,500 yuan from 2,000 yuan, providing a larger than expected tax cut to wage earners.

Helping the elderly and sick

For elderly Lu Wen and his wife, every Saturday afternoon has become their "happy hour" because they will be visited by two or three people from Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co Ltd. They are all members of the Chinese Communist Party.

China steps up subsidies for the needy

More than half of all Chinese provincial-level regions have established a mechanism to offer subsidies to the needy as high inflation pushes up their daily living costs.

Full pension coverage before 2013: Wen

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has vowed to accelerate the implementation of two trial pension programs for urban and rural residents in order to achieve full coverage before 2013.

Li stresses redevelopment of run-down area

Vice premier Li Keqiang Thursday called for more efforts to redevelop the country's run-down areas.

China sets down development blueprints for women, children

Two guidelines concerning women and children's affairs over the next 10 years were approved Wednesday at an executive meeting of the State Council, or the Cabinet, stressing gender equality.

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