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New way for private firms to enhance Party building

The open recruitment of Party secretaries (also known as "red CEOs") for private enterprises in Wenzhou for the second time indicated that the city has gradually normalized a system to hire leading posts for Party organizations in non-public companies.

CPC cradle leads way of building "learning" Party

In Yan'an, classes for Communist Party of China (CPC) cadres are held nearly everywhere: in the former residence of founding Party leaders, on the summit of the iconic Baota mountain, and in the fields where Communist soldiers toiled with farmers during wartime.

People's Daily stresses Party building efforts in coping with new challenges

The People's Daily, flagship newspaper of CPC, stressed the CPC's efforts in Party building to cope with the new challenges for China and the Party.

Independently seeking votes

China's twice-a-decade election season is underway and a number of high profile people are planning to run as independent candidates, if they get nominated.

Foreign leaders congratulate CPC's 90th anniversary

The leaders of many foreign countries and political parties have sent congratulatory messages to the Communist Party of China (CPC) on the 90th anniversary of its July 1, 1921 founding.

Communicators: Party opens up

The CPC - now a political party with 80 million members, the most anywhere - has long moved on from an embryonic reliance on conviction and charm.

New policies smooth way for successful relocation

Xue Peiwei, 29, was both happy and worried when, as one of the 1,213 relocated residents in Shiyan city, he moved to his new home. "This two-story building was so spacious, about 216 square meters," Xue said with a smile while holding his two-year-old daughter.

Searching for reasons behind success of CPC

Professor Xie Chuntao raises many eyebrows when he touches on certain topics, including why the Communist Party of China remains popular despite making "several serious mistakes".

Party can be one big family

He Ye, branch secretary of the Communist Party of China at Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Co Ltd, said that the idea of establishing a caucus in the company was sparked by the deadly Wenchuan earthquake of 2008.

Celebrate Party democracy

The development of intra-Party democracy epitomizes the road the CPC has taken over the past 90 years, from a fledgling political entity to the world's largest ruling political force.

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