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Free education for high school students in Tibet

Authorities in Tibet Autonomous Region will extend free education, which used to cover only primary and junior high schools, to all senior high school and secondary vocational school students starting from the autumn semester this year.

China launches 9th orbiter for global navigation

China successfully launched an orbiter into space at 5:44 am Beijing Time Wednesday, as a part of its indigenous satellite navigation and positioning network known as Compass system.

Education to get land transfer windfall

The State Council has ordered 10 percent of profits from land transfers to be plowed into education spending as the Cabinet strives to find diverse sources needed to improve learning resources.

A salute to the nation by proud youngsters

Huo Can carries the national flag and practices marching on parade, swinging her arms in a shady corner of the playground. The 13-year-old national flag bearer at Zhuangyuan Military School in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province, usually practices before the weekly flag-raising ceremony.

Minority Education

There are more than 110,000 schools at all levels and of all types in autonomous areas, with a total enrollment of 18.52 million.

Project Hope

Project Hope, aimed at financing dropout students in poverty-stricken areas to return to school, establishing schools and improving rural educational conditions, is a social public welfare program, carried out by the China Youth Development Foundation since 1989.

International Exchanges

China is witnessing active cooperation and exchange in education with the rest of the world. Exchange students are a major part of this process, and no other country has more people studying abroad than China.

Special Education

Chinese laws and regulations have defined the right to education for people with disabilities: besides schools for special education, any disabled children capable of adapting to regular study conditions can enroll in standard elementary and high schools.

Rural Education

Starting 2007, the state has exempted rural students from tuition during the nine-year compulsory education period.

Private Education

The development of private schools has meant an increase in overall education supply and a change in the traditional pattern of only-government-funded schools to meet the publics education needs.

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