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West China's economy to grow 13% this year: report

China's first evaluative report on economic quality in the western region predicted that the region's economy will grow by 13 percent, higher than the nation's average.

China eases govt procurement rules

Three key rules on indigenous innovation for government procurement, which have come under fire from foreign companies for being discriminatory, were scrapped on Friday.

China steps up subsidies for the needy

More than half of all Chinese provincial-level regions have established a mechanism to offer subsidies to the needy as high inflation pushes up their daily living costs.

Wen:price rises to be firmly under control this year

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says his government is confident that price rises will be firmly under control this year.

Hybrid rice shows China's agricultural progress on parade

Now, the high-yielding hybrid rice species are planted in more than half of China's farmland and helps raise China's grain output from 113.18 million tons in 1949 to 528.71 million tons last year.

Agriculture passes 60 memorable years

China has bid farewell to a life of poverty and the lack of food and its grain self-sufficiency rate has remained above 95 percent for years.

China Mobile to cover 98% of villages

China Mobile will invest 70 billion yuan in the next three years to build and upgrade its networks in the country's vast rural areas and promote the application of its 3G services in the countryside.

On the reform road to rural areas

The central leadership's new proposals to carry forward rural reforms is likely to make life more comfortable for farmers and lift their living standards.

Farmers' income can be doubled by 2020

At the third plenary session of its 17th Central Committee, which concluded on Oct 12, the Communist Party of China (CPC) approved a resolution on major issues concerning rural reform and development.

Achievements of Socialist Construction

Despite serious setbacks, the Chinese people, by relying on their own hard work, have made brilliant achievements in economic development.

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