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China's official aid to Africa reached $75 billion between 2000 and 2011, with the establishment of 1,673 Chinese-backed or -financed projects in 50 African countries. >>more

China's top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng met with a Russian presidential representative, pledging to boost region-to-region cooperation between the two countries. >>more

China has promised to make further contributions to international humanitarian efforts, President Xi Jinping said on Monday. >>more


The National People's Congress (in simplified Chinese 全国人民代表大会), abbreviated NPC, is the highest organ of state power. The Standing Committee of the NPC is the permanent organ of the NPC.

The term of office of the NPC and its Standing Committee is five years. The NPC gathers each year at the first quarter and is called by its Standing Committee.

Since 1954, the People's Republic of China has convened 11 National People's Congresses. >>more

China will allow the market to play a bigger role in economic innovation, Premier Li Keqiang said. >>more

Chinese monetary authorities will face a policy dilemma in the coming weeks. >>more

China's top prosecuting authority is looking into revising a regulation that limits access to juvenile criminal records. >>more

Top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng met with delegates of the HK-based Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. >>more

Prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities declined for the third consecutive week, official data showed on Monday. >>more

March 12, 1925: Sun Yat-sen dies at 59 >>more

March 12-24, 1979: China discusses establishment of agricultural production responsibility system >>more

March 12, 1980: Deng Xiaoping calls for streamlining the army >>more

March 12, 1993: Wang Zhen dies at 85 >>more

  • Clean Party, Strong Governance
  • It is the consistent stand of the CPC and the Chinese government to resolutely punish and effectively prevent corruption, and endeavor to build a clean government.
  • As the Communist Party of China convenes its 18th National Congress, a look at former venues of previous national congresses, all of which have become tourist destinations.
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